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Benali’s Big Run Short Film Release – 1000 Mile Manager

Benali’s Big Run Short Film Release – 1000 Mile Manager

Tears, trauma and laugh out loud moments, this mini documentary has a plethora of emotions running throughout the 18 minutes.  Warning this short film features not one but two true heroes!

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To the right is a link to our short documentary about Benali’s Big Run. Entitled “The 1,000 Mile Manager” A true story of about the man and team behind the man.

Francis Benali “I’ve been told by some that ‘I’m mad’, ‘it can’t be done’, ‘don’t do it’ – but it’s made me even more determined to succeed.”

Francis started his epic challenge on Sunday 24th August at Newcastle United and finished at Southampton FC on Saturday 13th September.

Francis added “If I ever do anything like this in the future Dean will be the very first person I call”.

Dean Cartledge “I was thrown in at the deep end by our MD, Daron Hutt, however I am grateful for Daron for sponsoring this challenge and involving 4Com and its staff to be a part of this monumental journey of courage and strength.  You cannot understand the true magnitude of the task, it is unimaginable to people that haven’t experienced it first-hand!”

Francis Benali, ran 36 marathons in just 21 days raising an astonishing £160,000 for Cancer Research UK.  He had a huge support team behind him, including his wife and family along with physiotherapists, management teams and our very own Dean Cartledge.

Dean worked tirelessly in the weeks leading up to the challenge, with a 5 day road trip to recce the roads before the challenge started followed by two weeks of studying maps and plotting courses to keep the team running in the right direction.

Daron Hutt “Dean is an inspirational man, a man who leads from the front.  To summarise Dean Cartledge I would say:  Inspiring, logistical military motivator with a strict but understanding & caring nature.  A true asset not only to 4Com but everyone that has the pleasure of knowing him”


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