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Apple’s iOS9 Wi-Fi Assist – Friend or Foe?

Apple recently launched their latest software upgrade with iOS9 but it has caused a bit of a stir. Within the upgrade a smart little tool called Wi-Fi Assist has been included which boosts your Wi-Fi signal should it weaken or slow. Whilst the tool is a beneficial feature it has provoked a reaction because when your Wi-Fi slows the tool switches seamlessly to connect with your network using your 3G/4G data allowance. You will probably be unaware when this happens but to avoid higher phone bills it is advisable to switch the tool off.

To switch the tool off please follow these simple steps:

1. Press the Settings button


2. Press Mobile Data


3. Press the Wi-Fi Assist to off


However, should you have a limitless data plan then this will not affect you and you can continue to stream and download as you see fit.
We hope you have found this blog helpful – it may have just saved you lots of £££’s from your next bill!
If you would like to discuss this feature in greater detail why not contact the 4Com Mobile Department who will be happy to take you through the options.

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