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Passing on the skills for a caring approach to youth player development

4Com announced as premier sponsor for Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Academy

Today Dorset telecoms company 4Com have announced that they will be sponsoring the Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching Academy.

MD and Chairman Daron Hutt  was shocked that there was so little mentoring.

“It’s about getting the right mix of a positive attitude and natural talent with the health and happiness of the player in the forefront. Running alongside a mentoring scheme for parents and the children, to give them feedback and to keep their expectations realistic about their chances of making it in professional football.”

There are some 9,000 boys attending these intensely competitive places. More than 90 per cent of those who join a premiership academy will fail to make it into the first team. Most won’t even become professional footballers.

An eight-year-old was scouted for Chelsea, and he went from being top of the class to the skiver in the back. ‘Why aren’t you trying anymore?’ his mother asked. ‘I’m a footballer and I’m going to be rich,’ he replied. Needless to say, he was ‘released’ a year later. At eight he still had time to recover. At 15 he might have sunk into a depression for the rest of his life. Story of success is practice.

In fact researchers have settled on what they believe is a magic number for true expertise: 10,000 hours.

Le Tissier, famed for his intuitive skills and jaw dropping goals, is leading an initiative to nurture the untaught abilities of young players who might otherwise be missed by the talent scouts and football clubs.

As the season kicks off, he has joined up with good friends, former Saints teammates Francis Benali and Keith Granger, along with Jody Rivers from AFC Bournemouth to find the future stars that may follow in the footsteps of football heroes with their roots on the south coast such as Gareth Bale, Wayne Bridge, Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Instead of just the customary one-size-fits-all drills, Matt Le Tissier Natural Coaching will run throughout the season on Wednesday evenings, developing youngsters abilities by encouraging them to express themselves through their game.

Matt said: “The idea behind this initiative came from when friends asked why I hadn’t gone into coaching before. I found traditional methods too limiting and I wanted to find a way to bring out players natural abilities. We’re all astounded by the flair of the big names: Messi, Ronaldo, Xavi and Iniesta, and this is all about trying to encourage that philosophy – to go onto the pitch and not to be afraid to try new and exciting things.”

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