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The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For: Amy’s Perspective

We’re just a couple of days away from finding out where we have ranked in the Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work for 2014. In the build up to the announcement itself on Wednesday evening, we’re sharing some interviews with our staff to help explain why people enjoy working at 4Com and what makes it a great place to work.

Today we hear from Amy Kearney, who is part of our Telemarketing Team.  The transcribed version of this video can be found below:

Why do you enjoy working at 4Com?

My family think I’m a bit crazy because I love coming to work every day and it’s because at 4Com there’s so much recognition for everything you do every single day.  You’re rewarded so well just for doing your day-to-day job and it’s also like a big family. You’re not just a number here, they treat their staff so well, you get lovely things and there are so many great incentives and good staff parties, so there’s lots of really good things.

What has been your most memorable moment working at 4Com?

You know how you might think that the best things in life happen outside of work? Actually, in my case now it’s coming to work.  For example, the first time I was here and booked a Demonstration, they were doing “Play your cards right” and I got £10 or something stupid like that, but it was just amazing because of the way I felt- I was running round the department with sunglasses on and screaming, it was the best feeling in the world and I absolutely loved it!

Last month was amazing too, as I’ve obviously been here a while now and I won Telemarketer of the Month. I was overwhelmed because all of my hard work had been recognised, although it has always been recognised; it was so good, and I felt really proud, it was a great moment.

I also got to take the Audi TT home, I was scared about it, but it was really good. (It was) because I got 5 Dems in one day and then Daron came down and said well done and I was thinking it was possibly the best moment of my life, it was really good!

We were the 45th Best Company to Work for last year, where do you think we’ll rank this year?

I think that we’ll come first because we are such an amazing company to work for and I feel happy every single day coming into work, and that’s genuine God’s honest truth. I feel like it’s changed my life, and for a company to be able to do that to somebody and to give somebody an opportunity that they would never have had anywhere else, to be able to recognise people and to give so much back to their staff when they might not need to, I really hope that we’ll get first place this year.

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