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The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For: Ben’s Perspective

We’re just a day away from finding out where we have ranked in the Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work for 2014. In the build up to the announcement itself on Wednesday evening, we’re sharing some interviews with our staff to help explain why people enjoy working at 4Com and what makes it a great place to work.

Today we hear from Ben Standish, who is Base Sales Manager.  The transcribed version of this video can be found below:

Why do you enjoy working at 4Com?

Ok my favourite thing about working at 4Com is the real good fantastic family atmosphere.  From the top to the bottom of the business everyone knows everyone’s role.  It’s a really friendly environment to work for and as I say it’s a great family atmosphere that makes it very easy when you are coming to work on a daily basis.

What has been your most memorable moment working at 4Com?

In the last 3 years since I’ve been at 4Com there have been some fantastic memorable moments and we’ve done great things as a business.  In the last few years we’ve done some events geared towards charity.  We did the 4Com 4Thirty Challenge, as a Base Sales Department we all dressed up as Katy Perry and wore pink wigs.  So from a blokes perspective wearing a Katy Perry wig… very interesting!  The girls in the department absolutely loved it!

We were the 45th Best Company to Work for last year, where do you think we’ll rank this year?

Everyone should always aspire to get to the top.  Great position ranking last year – lets go for the top 10 this year, lets get that premier league and let us aspire to be that number 1.  So lets come in at number 10 this year and give us something to start on and work with next year as well.

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