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The Sunday Times Best Companies To Work For: Guy’s Perspective

Following on from our 16th placed finish at The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For 2014, we have more staff views.  Today we hear from our Mobiles Coordinator, Guy Adams, on what he thinks about working here at 4Com.

What is your favourite thing about working at 4Com?

My favourite thing about working at 4Com is the people, without a doubt.  Throughout the organisation they’re a really good bunch of talented people. It doesn’t really matter where you work, not every day is going to be a walk in the park so the people you are with on a daily basis make a massive difference.

What has been your most memorable moment whilst being at 4Com?

Probably the most memorable and the most funny was the 4Com charity shoot for the Richie Keefe Foundation (Life and Soul Trust) which was clay pigeon shooting, obviously for a good cause. We had plenty of people there, it was really good fun and we had an auction afterwards with a comedian who took issue with me, he picked on me for about half an hour- it was pretty funny and I’m never going to forget it.

We ranked 45th last year, where do you think we’ll place this year?

I would easily say top 20, without a doubt.  If I was a better man, I’d say either 14th or 15th, I would say 15th which I’d be very happy with.

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