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Why Apply for The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For?

Celebrating winning Sunday Times Best Company to Work For 2017


Today marks the start of our new series reflecting on our experiences over the year’s entering The Sunday Times Best Companies’ To Work For. In this series of videos we’ll be hearing from our Chairman and MD, Daron Hutt about his thoughts on engagement, creating the family atmosphere that has become synonymous with working at 4Com and leadership amongst other areas.  To launch the series, today’s video from Daron sees him explaining why you should enter the competition in the first place.

To launch the series, today’s video from Daron sees him explaining why you should enter the competition in the first place.  The transcript is below.

One of the fantastic things about the competition is that, I believe that each staff member is asked between 70 and 100 questions, I think about all different aspects of the company, but we had this amazing survey that came back and the first thing that happened when we saw it was, blimey do these people really think that about about us I thought it was quite shocking actually in certain areas where I knew that we were doing very well, staff didn’t think very highly of us. But what we had not done well was to actually tell our tell our staff about it.

Over the years, as well, in reading back our improvement in certain areas of the business, our staff’s perception of ourselves, we’ve used the competition, the results of the competition and the feedback from the staff, to improve our weaknesses. We’ve clearly had strengths; there were certain things that we were really good at and that our staff thought that we’re really good at and we managed to improve those as well. So Best Companies Award, I think is, is actually entered by all of the companies who really want to be a good employer.

Companies who are in business and are making profit because they’re exploiting their staff in pay areas and in conditions and poor treatment, those companies don’t even bother entering this award, but one thing’s for sure is that you see that companies who have a philosophy and a need for high-quality staff, for high levels of staff retention, where there’s expertise and the retaining of really great people is absolutely essential to their business. They want to get that feedback, they want to find out from their staff whether or not they really are likely to retain those staff. Whether their future is really going to be successful, because one thing’s for sure if you keep losing all your staff and you’re a staff-centric business, then, you’re not going anywhere.

That’s why I believe that the best Companies Awards are a massively important thing. You have an intelligent management team, you’ve an intelligent group of staff, a united company, high performance, high customer care, all of those things are very very investable, so one of the reasons why a lot of these companies enter the awards, and they’re huge companies as well, they’re very very motivated to win this award, and quite rightly so.

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