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Using Statistics To Understand Your Business

Celebrating winning Sunday Times Best Company to Work For 2017

In the latest of our videos reflecting on entering The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For, this video sees of Chairman and MD, Daron Hutt explaining why the statistics you receive after the surveys are so important and what they can tell you about your business. ┬áThe transcript is as follows:”Well, get the stats and listen to your staff is the thing that I have to give as advice. They’re telling you stuff and if you listen to it and find a way to…some of it’s not right, some of it is their perception of what you are doing, in their beliefs, so you may be doing something fantastic that you’re not telling them about.

Some of the feedback isn’t right it’s just that you haven’t told them what we’re actually up to or what you’re actually up to. But the statistics are fantastic and some of it you think; “oh yeah I understand that”. There are maybe benefits which staff really want to have which you’re not providing, and you can start to understand the link between performance, efficiency and all of those things between these happiness areas.

You always have certain departments you think well I don’t think they’re performing quite as well as some of the other parts of the business. Then when you get the survey reports back from the Best Companies, that sort of ties in, as they’re unhappy as well so there’s something going wrong in there. It just heads you off into the right direction, so there is a very direct link between the Best Company’s feedback and performance in those areas.

I would advise anyone to go into this because it wasn’t until we did this that we really understood our business very well.”

If you’re interested in learning more about business statistics, the Fit Small Business Website┬áhas a number of interesting articles.

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