4Com Reviews

The main reason why we ask our customers to submit their own 4Com reviews is because customer service and satisfaction are the two most important considerations for us as we seek to develop and improve our company. If you’d like to submit your own 4Com review, please e-mail us at: [email protected] . Here’s a selection of the reviews we’ve received so far from our customers:

Emerge’s 4Com Review

Our search for a new phone system started when we moved offices; we moved three locations into one central office in Bournemouth. We went through a fairly typical search in that we included the likes of BT, but we liked 4Com from day 1. The reason we liked them is because from the first day of meeting them, they absolutely understood our business.

The difference with 4Com is they showed us how to get more out of our phone system, to the point that they talked about the most important word: profit. They showed us how to get more profit out of our technology, which is something we hadn’t really considered before.

We have saved money on both our telephone bill and our mobile bill and reduced the cost of third party call answering, all thanks to the system they provide.

My only regret of this whole process is that we didn’t start the search sooner. To close out our 4Com review, I would just say that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Find out more about The Emerge group.

Blushes’ 4Com Review

We swapped over to a new phone system with 4Com and it’s been a godsend to us because we can see the clients name as they ring, we can find our colleagues using the system and it basically helps us to present a more professional image to the customer, which has helped us to enhance our brand. We were BT before, and the answer was always “no” and we just lost the will to live with them, so we started looking around and we really are so happy to have found 4Com. With 4Com we’ve built a great relationship with them, nothing is ever too much trouble and you don’t feel like you’re just a number in their system. Find out more about Blushes Cheltenham Salon.

How to submit your own review of 4Com

We welcome all reviews, whether they’re as positive as the ones above or more of a negative review as they all provide us with opportunities to learn more about how to serve you better. To submit your review, whether it be regarding our business phone systems, VoIP phone systems, broadband services, office phones or anything else, please e-mail: [email protected]