One of the questions we’re asked most frequently is, “If a customer were to complain to 4Com, how would we handle it?”  It would be easy for us to talk about how seriously we take each and every complaint, but we’d sooner you hear it from real 4Com customers.  Here’s a selection of what people had to say about the 4Com complaints process.

Ascot the Tailors

Ascot the Tailors have been our customers for 2 years and gave a very simple response when asked about how 4Com handles complaints they have: “When I have a complaint I call 4Com, it’s as simple as that. The service at 4Com is by far the best we have ever experienced. Any issue is no problem, they just go and take care of it. More often than not, our complaint has been resolved within the same day.”

Another member of Ascot’s Director team had a similar view saying, “They’ll always remember things you spoke about before, it really is like having your own personal tech team on hand should you need them.”

Kestrel Alarms

Kestrel Alarms are one of our more recent customers having joined us in the past few months. Even so, they were quick to praise our complaints process. They explained: “The beauty of our system is the in the event we have a complaint, we just call you up and then someone can actually dial into our system and sort it out. The fact that nobody has to come out is invaluable to me.”

Hampton Park Vets

As a 3 site Veterinary service, support was one of the key considerations when Hampton Park Vets decided to ask us to provide their business phone systems. Their owner, Sanjay Mangabhai was also complimentary about the way we handle complaints here at 4Com. He explained, “I was impressed because even though it wasn’t your issue, you still sent someone to our premises very quickly.  That was important for us because we value the reassurance as we know nothing really about phones.”

How to register a complaint

The best thing to do to register a complaint with us is head on over to our support page:

From there you can select whether it is a landline or a mobile phone fault and fill in the correct page accordingly.