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4Com provide business phone systems to thousands of businesses across the UK. We provide phone systems which are suitable for small-medium business, ranging from 4 to 250 handsets per office/location. Our phone solutions are tailored to meet your businesses individual needs, with features such as Call Recording, Call Reporting and On Hold Marketing just three of the business improving features we offer.

How do our business phone systems compare with others?

We’re unique in that we aim to supply you with a new business phone system without capital expense. By way of comparison, we can invariably save you money on call costs, line rental and mobile phone costs. We then use these savings to help fund a brand new system for you, meaning that you get this new system at no extra cost.  We’re frequently asked to meet with potential clients for comparison purposes, and you can enter your details to the left to see if we can beat your current telecoms spend.

Is it a VoIP system?

With over 15 years’ experience in the UK telecoms field, we’ve seen the growth of VoIP first hand. We use a hybrid system, meaning that whilst your business’ phone calls travel externally over the traditional PSTN network, internally it is a VoIP system.   We’ve seen a number of companies struggle with VoIP-only systems due to intermittent voice quality and a general lack of reliability to run business phone systems, which is why we provide you with a hybrid system.

What’s included in our business phone systems?

To enable our business phone systems to make a real difference to your business, we provide them with a selection of useful features, ranging from recording software through to integration with your computer systems so that you can see the incoming caller’s location and details before answering.  Our business phone systems include:

On Hold Marketing

Did you know that 33% of people placed on hold for 2 minutes will hang up and not return the call? Clearly, this represents a sizable amount of business to potentially lose, which is where On Hold Marketing comes in.  On Hold Marketing allows your company to psychologically reduce caller waiting times and produce a positive marketing message about your company.  We even have a range of on hold marketing voice-over artists for you to choose from.

Call Recording

Information is king, and a business phone system is no exception.  Call recording can be used to verify orders, settle customer disputes and enhance employee performance. All calls are stored digitally, using minimal disk space and happens with no action needed by the end user.

Computer Telephony Integration

Here at 4Com, this is one of our favourite phone system features, mostly because it’s incredibly useful. We’re all used to caller-display so we see a phone number, or a name if we’ve been proactive enough to record it properly. CTI takes this concept much further.  CTI works seamlessly with your database so that when a customer calls, their record from your CRM system displays.  If they’re not yet a customer, you’ll see Google information on them.

Call Reporting & Management

Call Reporting is a key component of our business phone systems, as they present a range of useful statistics about your company’s performance.  You can see who makes and receives the most calls, how long they take to answer and how many are placed on hold, all of which give useful insights into your business operations.


Easily the most well-known component of business phone systems, our voicemail includes an e-mail notification function so that you will know when you have a voicemail if you’re away from your desk phone.

Telephone System Maintenance

We have field based engineers across the UK so that we can support your phone system as quickly as possible.  We’re proud of the amount of queries we resolve at our UK head office, but if we can’t then our engineers are on hand to provide local telecom support.


No business phone system would be complete without a reliable and versatile handset and we offer a wide selection to suit your business. The standard business desk phone remains our most popular option, but we also offer cordless phones (referred to as DECT phones) for those who need increased mobility, and headset solutions for those who need to be able to type whilst talking on the phone.

Are we UK based?

Yes, our head office is adjacent to Bournemouth airport, and we have telecom engineers based all over the UK.  In fact, we recently gave all of our field based engineers new cars so that they can support our customers more easily.

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